Effective review

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The first step in effective review is to build awareness, and the key to this step is to grasp the big and let go of the small. With so many things happening, it is impossible for everything to be important. These important processes need to be restored to form cognition.

The second step of effective review is correct attribution. Correct understanding and absolutely correct attribution does not exist. We are pursuing attributions with a higher recurrence rate. An attribution that is repeated 100 times can get 90 times. It is more correct than an attribution that can only get the expected result 40 times repeated 100 times.

The third step of an effective review is the second decision. The second decision is what you would do if you were asked to do it all over again. The second decision is a major watershed, which is the core that leads people to experience similar things, but the final achievements are very different.

When successful, people are often willing to attribute success to themselves, when failure, people are often willing to attribute failure to others and objective conditions. Real masters often think that when they succeed, they think that it is mainly due to external factors such as the right time and place, but when they fail, they often find reasons from themselves.


有效复盘的第一步是构建认知,这一步的要诀是抓大放小。 发生了那么多事情,不可能每一件都重要,需要把这些重要的过程还原出来,形成认知。


效复盘的第三步是二次决策,二次决策就是如果让你重新来一遍你会怎么做. 二次决策就是一个重大分水岭,是导致人们经历了类似的事情,最终成就却千差万别的核心环节。

当成功时,人们往往愿意把成功归因在自己身上,当失败时,人们往往愿意吧失败归因在他人和客观条件上。 真正的高手往往成功时认为主要是天时地利任何等外部因素,反而他们在失败的时候,多从自己身上找原因。

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