Correct cognition

作者: shaneZhang 分类: 商学院,读书笔记 发布时间: 2020-07-28 14:29

Absolutely correct cognition does not exist, we can only strive to pursue “more correct cognition”.

Cognition is a process, which refers to the process by which people acquire or should know knowledge or the process of information processing. It is also the most basic human psychological process and a subjective and objective process.

Cognitive preference refers to how you are accustomed to dealing with individual attributes or characteristics of affairs and the connections and relationships on the surface of things in the process of cognition. In information processing, there are unique methods of constructing the associations of things and lead to your goals.

Exercising the ability to extract key information from large pieces of information can create opportunities for you, because opportunities are created by “decisive moments.”

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