Communication protocol description of X12 firmware software package

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Mqtt protocol:

Listening topic:
[mac_address] is your device address, for example: ecfabc6a3ef8

 (This topic reports the switch status regularly)
 (This topic is about sending control information)
 (This topic is to report device-related information)
 (This topic is to report your ir receive info,this topic is very important to everyone.)

CMD info:

Device Information:
{"cmd":"device report"}

restart your device:

configure your mqtt server:
{"mac" : mac_address,"setting":{"mqtt_server":"","mqtt_port":1883,"mqtt_username":"","mqtt_password":""}}
(You should use the udp method to configure your information of mqtt server)

look your firmware version:
{"mac" : mac_address,"version":'null'}

control your device to send ir code:
{"mac" : mac_address,"action":{"id":137}}
(You must enter your infrared code first to get the coded id)

mqtt ota upgrade:
{"mac" : mac_address,"ota":""}

auto check ota upgrade:

search task of your device:
{"mac" : mac_address,"task":"1"}
{"mac" : mac_address,"task":"2"}
{"mac" : mac_address,"task":"3"}
{"mac" : mac_address,"task":"4"}

setting the task of your device:
{"mac" : mac_address,"task_0":{"hour":23,"minute":51,"repeat":127,"action":1,"ircode_id":0}}
{"mac" : mac_address,"task_1":{"hour":20,"minute":30,"repeat":127,"action":1,"ircode_id":0}}
{"mac" : mac_address,"task_2":{"hour":10,"minute":18,"repeat":127,"action":1,"ircode_id":1}}
{"mac" : mac_address,"task_3":{"hour":6,"minute":30,"repeat":127,"action":1,"ircode_id":1}}
(repeat is Every day of the week, like 1111111,First representative Monday)

search your delay settings:
{"mac" : mac_address,"delay":{"status":-1}}

setting your delay settings info:
{"mac" : mac_address,"delay":{"status":1,"action":1,"times":10,"ircode_id":0}}
(times The unit is minutes)

UDP protocol:
The device listening port is:  10182
The device sending information port is: 10181
You can send all the above json to port 10182

-------------------------V0.1.0 bugfix----------------------
fix mqtt large messge send failure
-------------------------V0.1.1 bugfix----------------------
fix sending ircode failure.
Configure mqtt information while adding network configuration
fix mqtt reconnecting bug
Add code output logic for power statistics
1.fix mqtt reconnected failure when the network was down.
2.Add filter to filter code of unknown type
3.add view mqtt info json command
1.fix wifi hotspots always showing up

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